25 Sep 2016

# 484 Aftermath - For you

Side a: For you
Side b: Mixed up kid
NIR 1980

Cool mod/powerpop by this Belfast based band. This is their lone and self released record. In my opinion the songs are a little bit too long, But nevertheless a good record!


# 483 The Beans - All night radio

Side a: All night radio
Side b: Look at Patti
USA 1979

Debut single by this San Francisco based group. Nice garage punk/postpunk on this platter. They made also a second single called "Surf's up" in the same year.


# 482 Havana Let's go - Torpedoes

Side a: Torpedoes
Side b: Rio

Nice and quirky radio friendly powerpop by this british band, This was their first of two releases. This record was also released as a 12" maxi single.
The summer is over , long live the summer !!


28 Aug 2016

# 481 Adam Roth and his Band of Men - s/t

Side a: 1.Now you're runnin' , 2.Judy won't you dance with me , 3.She said oh! , 4.Cold city , 5.Baseball rock
Side b: 1.Not gonna be easy , 2.Speed it up , 3.All away , 4.I just wanna have some fun , 5.Down the shore

USA 1981

Fantastic Longplayer! Enjoy it!


31 Jul 2016

# 480 The Lynch Mob - Naughty Girl

Side a: Naughty girl
Side b: Pick of the Litter
USA 1981

Fantastic powerpop/rock'n'roll platter by this Wormtown/Mass. based group. Two very strong self penned numbers on this cracking seven inch (it was a sleeveless release). Read about the Wormtown scene (including informations about The Lynch Mob) here.  I love it !!


# 479 The Latest - Red Lips

Side a: Red lips
Side b: Step outta line
USA 1981
Nice, keyboards driven, powerpop/new wave by this 5 piece band from Mount Kisco/NY. It seems, this is their sole release. Enjoy !


26 Jun 2016

#478 The Rhythm Methodists - Don't rely on me

Side a: Don't rely on me
Side b: Cooler relations
UK 1981
Fantastic DIY powerpop by this 5 piece band from Newcastel/UK. Self released on the their own label. 2 self penned, keyboard driven, killer tracks on this record. I love it !
Check it out their performance on Youtube !


# 477 Furry Dice - Rudi , don't take your love to town

Side a: Rudi , don't take your love to town
Side b: K.G.B.
UK 1981
Great reggae/ska/surf single on the "White Line Records" label. It seems that was their lone release. This record was also blogged on the fantastic Tone&Wave blog space. Have fun !!


29 May 2016

# 476 The Loaded Forty Fours - Thunderbirds (are go!)

Side a: Thunderbirds (are go!)
Side b: T.V. Child
UK 1981

Fantastic thundering version of the Thunderbirds theme! The self penned number on the b-side is also great. This is their sole single and it's a great one ! I love it ! And i also loves the Thunderbirds TV series and films !


# 475 Gay Wild - Blue baby blue

Side a: Blue baby blue
Side b: Au revoir
UK 1979

Nice first single (of 3) by welsh singer Gay (Gaynor) Wild. Good radio friendly powerpop/poprock produced by Digby Richards. Enjoy !